Maritime Studio

Maritime Studio is a joint venture between Houston Maritime and our alliances in the industry to bring you the latest and greatest of maritime news, current events, and opinion. Houston Maritime aims to provide educational content for all walks of life, regardless of their involvement in the modern maritime industry.

Maritime Studio includes content with a time commitment of 15 minutes or less, creating short, digestible information on a variety of topics from a variety of content creators.

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Ship Channel Exhibit

Sponsored by Sage Energy Partners, the Ship Channel Exhibit is the museum’s newest exhibit designed to showcase the Houston Ship Channel and its massive economic impact on the city. We can’t wait to show you the exhibit in person!

Rum Rhapsody

Did you miss this event? Don’t worry, we’ll have similar events in the future, and here is a recipe to tide you over until then! The Houston Maritime Museum was packed on February 17, 2017, as guests came together to enjoy a “walking tour” on the history and mixing of the favorite drink for sailors…